December – A great job search month.

I have always told my customers that December is a good time to actively apply for a new position or begin a career move! This is not so much that there are additional positions during December, but that there are less applicants for some jobs being posted.

The reason for this is because individuals collectively are busy during December, have family coming in, have vacation time they want to use, or simply have a “New Years Resolution” to wait until January 1, 2020 to start looking seriously for a new position.

When I say the word “collectively” I mean that human beings sometimes act in a group mindset and a lot of times, simultaneously! In other words, it is not just ONE person that has a News Years resolution or is waiting to start their job search until January 1, but a lot of people are. It is very interesting to look at these dynamics of human psychology.

The bottom line is that if you begin your job search today, there will be less competition for you. Do employers stop posting jobs simply because it is the holiday season? Of course not. Therefore, I recommend that you go full throttle into your job search right now.
Don’t wait until January 1, 2020! Start now to get interviews lined up!

Thank you for your support and kind words throughout the years!
Maria Deshler, A Plus Resumes


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