The truth about resumes

At times, I get asked by my customers:

“Should a resume be one or two pages?”

You will find people providing you with different answers to this question. Some will say stay with one page. Some say two pages is best. The answer is that it depends on you. The number of pages a resume should be (1 or 2) is directly related to your circumstances. It is a personal result, and some people need one page, and some require 2 pages.

In other words, a college graduate with minimal work experience, would have a custom-designed one page resume. On the other hand, a senior manager, with over 30 years experience in the work force, would have a 2-page resume, with a strong career profile, and career highlights underneath, along with a chronological work history.


Here is another question I get asked:

“Do I need to include work that I have done in the 80’s? Is it true employers only look at the last 10 years of work history?”

Again, this depends on your circumstances. Let’s look at another example. For the last 20 years you have worked in the insurance industry, and have decided to make a career change back to IT/Networking. The only experience you had in networking was in the 80’s, where you worked for 7 years as a networking specialist. In this case, you would need to bring your experience as a networking specialist up the front of the resume.

On the other hand, if your main experience and achievements have occurred in the last 10 years, and you do not have anything worth mentioning beyond that, then of course you would not mention something way in the past.

A resume is not meant to include your entire work history, just what is needed.

The only truth about resumes, is whatever it takes to get you interviews! If it is getting you interviews and calls, then it is the right resume for you!

Happy job hunting.


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